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Mens Tonic:

Boosts blood flow for better sexual function in men and helps other conditions of men. All natural ingredients. powerful blood flow gives a harder, thicker and longer erection.

This tonic can serve as an effective remedy for several conditions for men. Able to promote ideal sexual function and ensure vigor and vitality. This tonic can also rid you of other conditions known to decrease drive and performance. 16 oz. Made in USA using a Ghanaian recipe

Increased energy

Greater stamina and strength

Gives confidence

All natural and safe

Dosage: Take one ounce two times a day before a meal. Shake well before use.

Ingredients: bitter gourd, cinnamon, curry leaves, jamun, amal gooseberry, no black seed, honey, ginseng, ferny greek, garlic, abochie bark, acia, bois babde root, bois bande barks, cera seem, chickory, cayenne pepper, flaxseed, , golden berry, coriander, oregano, maca, sea moss, ne matias, aloe vera, mango leaves, fennel sees, turnips, celery, sesame seeds, tamarind, spearmint, pomegranate seeds, blackwesa,

Womens Tonic:

These Women Wellness Living Bitters - 16 oz. are perfect for anyone trying to improve their feminine health. This beverage increases women's vitality, sex drive, discomfort from menstruation and menopause. The carefully selected herbs such as Pau D'Arco, black cohosh root, Damiana, Dong Quai and many others help regulate estrogen and balance hormones in the body. 16 oz

Ingredients: Pau D'Arco, black cohosh root, damiana, dong quai and a avariety of other extracts.

This has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not take when pregnant or during your mentrual cycle. Don't mix with alcohol

Womens Tonic: nketekete, aziza leaves, chun chen, kenkele bit leaves.

Men and Women's Health Tonic Bundle

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