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Traditional Use and Health Benefits







Sea Moss Benefits

Thyroid Health - As Its High In Iodine

Respiratory Health - Dissolves catarrh, phlegm and soothes inflammation of the mucus membranes

Nutrient Dense - The human body is made up of 102 minerals and Irish Moss contains a whopping 92 of them

Digestive Support The high fibre content in Irish Moss exerts a mild laxative effect whilst soothing inflamed tissues within the intestinal tract

Weight Loss - Sea Moss is thought to help reduce the appetite due to its ability to absorb moisture, increasing its volume and filling the intestinal tract with a bulking type material, thus increasing the feeling of fullness

Mental Health - Being rich in potassium, sea moss plays a major role in the cellular functions in the body. In addition to this, sea moss also has high levels of Alginate. Sea moss helps in the decreasing the levels of toxins from body cells –including the brain cells. Thus it can be used to relieve mental issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

Irish Moss is so nutrient dense that it was used as “poverty food” during the famous Irish Potato Famine of 1846 – 1848. It is thought that this contributed to its fall from favor after the famine - so strongly was it associated with hardship that it was largely ignored for a good many years to come.

Fortunately, Irish Moss has been enjoying a revival for a number of years now, it’s many health benefits outweighing it’s shameful past. Traditionally used as a cold remedy, the use of Irish Moss for respiratory ailments is recorded in Ireland way back in 1810. Irish Moss was also used widely in the treatment of tuberculosis and pneumonia.

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