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Supercharge Your Sip, Stir Up Wellness! Dive into a cup of PureShrooms Coffee Mix, where nutrient-dense meets delicious. It's not just coffee, it's a supercharged sip - packing essential vitamins, minerals, and an immunity boost. A java jolt for health? Now that's brew-tiful!

Stir Your Way to Gut Glory & Skin Splendor! A cup of PureShrooms Coffee Mix is your ticket to gut health and skin radiance. Enjoy the power of sea moss for smooth digestion and skin that says "Hello, Gorgeous!" every day. It's your wellness, all brewed up! Immune Support with Reishi. It's your gut's best friend, your skin's secret weapon, and your thyroid's personal cheerleader, all in a steamy cup! Digest smoothly, glow naturally, and keep your inner engine revving - it's the tastiest way to a healthier you.

Now that's a brew with benefits! Brew to Your Perfection. Experiment and customize your perfect cup of mushroom coffee. Add 1 tsp. (2 grams) to a cup of hot water (8oz.),

Mushroom Sea Moss Coffee Mix

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